WeCare4IDPs is a call to well-meaning Nigerians to contribute a minimum of One Thousand Naira only (₦1,000.00) towards actualizing the estimated $1.05bn required to provide humanitarian support for 8.5 million people in the North East in 2017. Organisations are equally welcome to make contributions.

This initiative is purely a private sector initiative comprising of partner institutions and citizens, however, WeCare4IDPs has been endorsed by the Presidential Committee on the North East Initiative (PCNI) and the Ministry of Budget and National Planning who have oversight over the coordination for humanitarian activities in Nigeria.

The fund raising campaign will run for 2 weeks, starting from Friday 16th December 2016.

The funds will contribute to the execution of humanitarian intervention programmes in affected areas in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States. 172 projects have been approved for execution in 2017. Of these projects, WeCare4IDPs will focus on improving nutrition, health care, water - sanitation and hygeine, education and economic empowerment.

A steering committee will be set up to manage the donations. Members of the steering committee will include representatives from Ministry of Budget and National Planning, OCHA, humanitarian partners and Union Bank. The steering committee will also include independent personalities who will be represented by notable Nigerians.
Donors to the WeCare4IDPs initiative can rest assure that their donations will reach the expected beneficiaries. Union Bank will be responsible for disbursement of the funds under the direction and oversight of UNOCHA, the auditing firm and the Steering Committee.

An audit company will be a member of the steering committee. Updates on expenses will be shared by email to all donors. Audited financial reports will be made available for the general public.

For the 2017 Humanitarian Response Plan, 6.9 million Nigerians are targeted for humanitarian assistance through 127 approved projects which will be executed by 75 humanitarian partners. WeCare4IDPs will work with the appropriate partners that will enable the funds to contribute towards the projects that have the potential to impact a large number of IDPs.

Impact will be measured using the measurement framework of the 2017 Humanitarian Response Plan.

The fund raising campaign will run for only two weeks. However, projects will be executed throughout 2017. This is because WeCare4IDPs has been established to support the 2017 Humanitarian Response Plan. Funds raised will be expended for projects in 2017 only.

An estimated $1.054 billion is required to provide humanitarian support to 6.9 highly vulnerable Nigerians. With the prevailing economic crisis in the country, this burden cannot be entirely handled by the government. In addition, increasing conflict in the Middle East and Africa is bound to reduce the amount of funding available for Nigeria’s IDPs.
In this season of giving, WeCare4IDPs calls Nigerians to contribute to providing welfare for the IDPs.

No target has been established for WeCare4IDPs. Rather, the campaign wants a minimum of 1 million Nigerians to contribute towards the $1.054bn required for the 2017 Humanitarian Response Plan.

The WeCare4IDPs website will be the primary source for updates, reports and general information about the campaign. Updates will also be published by email through a newsletter and across all WeCare4IDPs social media platforms.

Donations can be made via the
1. Website: Visit, and click the DONATE NOW button and follow instructions
2. Direct funds transfer: Please send your donations to:
Bank: Union Bank of Nigeria Plc.
Account Name: WeCare4IDPs
Account Number: 0055815573

Multiple donations are welcome. There is no restriction on the number of times an individual or an organisation can donate.

Yes, the list of contributors will be available on request.

Yes, the minimum contribution amount is one thousand naira only (₦1,000).

Only humanitarian partners active in the North East that are registered members of the coordinated humanitarian response will be WeCare4IDPs beneficiaries. These organisations must have projects that have been approved for execution in the 2017 Humanitarian Response Plan. Organisations involved include specialised UN agencies, large international NGOs and local NGOs.

WeCare4IDPs was inspired by Union Bank’s employee fund raising scheme, UnionCares4IDPs, which raised N15 million from employees and an additional N15 million matching donation from the bank making a total of N30,000,000 for the IDPs in October/November 2016. The UnionCares4IDPs initiative worked with OCHA to make donations and support the activities of humanitarian partners in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe.
Upon realising that its efforts alone could not make a significant impact for the IDPs, the Bank launched the WeCare4IDPs campaign as Union Bank led citizenship initiative but with the participation of other corporate organisations.

All organisations are welcome to be part of WeCare4IDPs. Organisations can participate by:
Obtain campaign materials from or by sending an email to
Own the campaign by branding it with your organisation's name/identity e.g. yourorganisationCares4IDPs
Promote the initiative across all your media platforms: social media, website, TV, print, OAPs, radio as applies
Encourage your employees and internal stakeholders - vendors, customers, e.t.c - to donate to the campaign
Consider making a corporate donation to the initiative

Campaign materials can be downloaded at the footer of the campaign website,

WeCare4IDPs is a Union Bank citizenship initiative. For further enquiries, please contact:
The Corporate Affairs team
Union Bank of Nigeria Plc.
Stallion Plaza 36, Marina
P.M.B 2027 Lagos

Twitter: @WeCare4IDPs

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